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YELLOW FLAGS. No Passing? No Jumping? Two wheels on the ground?

Heres how it works. Rider goes down, Flagger makes sure on-coming riders are aware there is a rider down. The Flagger's job is the on-coming traffic. Lead Flagger, AMA referee or Track Marshall gets EMS to the rider, and tends to the downed rider. If a Flagger or Lead Flagger sees a rider jumping or passing on the yellow, the Flagger or Lead Flagger radios the tower, and they get docked a lap. It is crucial to attend the rider's meeting every time to find out how the referee  defines the yellow flag.

Did I stress enough that the Flagger's responsibility is the on-coming bikes. It is not his job to tend to a downed rider. It is not his job to watch every rider to make sure they are not jumping/passing. If he's doing his job, he'd never see a rider jump or pass on the yellow, unless it was right in front of him. When they can, they notify the Lead Flagger, and let us know there has been a violation. The system is not perfect. It does work. In an ideal scenario all Flaggers have radios.

Most tracks have a Lead Flagger or Track Marshall that coordinates the Flaggers. They are usually the ones who see and report the violations to the tower. There is rarely a race that goes by without someone being penalized for jumping or passing on a yellow flag.

The track owners must provide enough people -- Two or three track marshalls spread around the track. The riders need to pay attention. Riders know the trouble spots on a track where they might come across a downed rider, they should be looking to see if a flag is out. Flaggers need to know what they are doing. That's a tough one because most of them don't come back a second time. They get paid for their time, but it's a tough job.

Whatever the scenario, it requires quick, cool thinking. You have to LOVE motocross to stand out their ALL DAY. Good Flaggers are hard to find. If you want to be a part of the solution, work as a Flagger once in a while.

Until next time, keep it on the gas,


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